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More and more history books are being offered online to download, where their content is easy to scan or they can be downloaded completely.

California Press;search=European%20History;nrights=uconly;pageSize=20;display=full
Complete English-language books on European history

Selected Magister theses online

ACLS Humanities E-Book
More than 2,800 English-language books, usually standard works

Digi20 from the Bavarian State Library offers free access to research literature and sources. Multiple renowned publishers, including V&R, Fink, Schöningh, and Sagner have consented to having part of their publications put online. Digi 20 contains around 70 volumes of critical studies and 50 volumes of the files of German foreign affairs, 1918-1945.

Google Books
A true treasury of books leading up to 1900. Google provides the books as a pdf download.


Sources form the foundation of historical work. Sources can increasingly be found online.

GermanHistoryDocs (DGDB)
German History in Documents and Photographs (DGDB) is a comprehensive collection of sources on Germany's political, social, and cultural history from 1500 to the present. It consists of textual sources in the original German and an English translation as well as large selection of photo sources. The entire holding is separated into ten parts, which were put together by renowned professionals. Many of the sources can be downloaded free of charge for private use, teaching and research, and other non-commercial aspects.

Digitale Monumenta Germaniae Historica
The Monumenta Germaniae Historica are (almost completely) available online. Image and full text searches are possible.

Regesta Imperii Online
The DFG-funded project REGESTA IMPERII Online provides all of the current volumes of the REGESTA IMPERII with a full-text search and images of the bookpages free of charge.

An extraordinarily fruitful database, which contains older maps, lexicon articles, etc. It's worth taking a look at the results under the search keyword "Aachen." Since many older lexicons are already digitalized, Zeno lends itself to searches about the origin of terms.

Zentrales Verzeichnis digitalisierter Drucke
The Central Directory of Digitalized Print Works possesses a comprehensive index of numerous digitalized collections, which are available online (e.g. pamphelts from 1848, newspapers, historical map holdings of the Upper Rhine, etc.)

Wikisource is collection of source texts that consistently grows thanks to volunteers. The texts either do not have a copyright or are registered under a free license. Here one can find, e.g. the Zimmern Chronicles from the 16th century, Schedel's World Chronicle from the 15th century, but also the Emperor Franz Joseph's call on "his people" from July 28, 1914.

A useful collection of materials from the Zentrale für Unterrichtsmedien mit Quellen, Literaturauszügen und Unterrichtsplanungen. Definitely worth a look!

Internet Modern History Sourcebook
The list contains thousands of documents on almost every topic in English.

Dokument Archiv
A collection of sources on German history (1800-present).

Internet Modern History Sourcebook
A comprehensive collection of primarily English-language texts or texts translated into English on modern history.

Quellen zur Geschichte Österreichs im 20. Jahrhundert
Put together by the Institute of Contemporary History at the University of Innsbruck

The Austro-Hungarian Documents on the Outbreak of War
The Austro-Hungarian Documents on the Outbreak of War, published by the Staatsamt für Äußeres in Vienna (Berlin: National-Verlag, 1923)

Sources on WWI
Sources and biographies on WWI

Sources on German History

Gallica offers an entry point to French history. Aside from chronologies and specialist dictionary entries it contains more than 90,000 documents: journals like die Annales, as well as newspapers such as Le Temps (1861 - 1935) or L'Humanité (1910-1944) or the encyclopedia from d'Alembert..

Sources on European Integration
An elaborately designed site with thousands of pages of well-prepared sources and caricatures on the history of European integration.

Eurotopics A press review published weekly from 28 European countries on important European questions (Published by the Federal Agency for Civic Education)

Comprehensive list of sources published online on the history of European states

Official Protocols

Reichstag proceedings
Reichstag proceedings, 1865-1939

Bundestags proceedings - Documentation and Information System for Parliamentary Proceedings, DIP for short
Bundestag printed materials, Plenary protocols since 1996, usw.

Files of the Reichskanzlei (Weimarer Republik)
Online version of the printed edition "Akten der Reichskanzlei. Weimarer Republik". The entire content of the volumes can be searched and are linked both within the documents and with unique historical offers online.

The Cabinet Protocols of the Federal Government, Germany
Online composition of the printed volumes of the edition "Die Kabinettsprotokolle der Bundesregierung." This series contains the Cabinet protocols from 1949 to 1959, the protocols of the Cabinet Committee for Economics from 1951 to 1957, and the protocols of the Ministry Board for Social Reform from 1955 to 1960. Short biographies of all committee members are also available.

Digitalization Center of the Bavarian State Library
The Reichstag protocols were made available online as part of the DFG and State Library's digitalization project. Many more important source editions are available here: selected emblem books from Early Modern History; Bavarian State Parliament: Der Alte Landtag 1429-1669, Landtagsverhandlungen 1919-1933 and 1946, Decretum Gratiani; Register der Allgemeinen Deutschen Biographie und der Neuen Deutschen Biographie; large, complete universal lexicon of all sciences and arts (Zedler); Regesta Imperii; the Soviet Unionn. From the October Revolution to Stalin's death; Zeitschrift für Bayerische Landesgeschichte ...

Statistical Yearbook
The Federal Statistics Office provides a variety of information including the Statistical Yearbook of the Federal Republic of Germany

Newspapers, Magazines, Journals

The State Library of Berlin is currently building a central documentation of current and historical newspapers in Germany and the world. Began on June 3, 2009 with DFG funds.

The ZDB currently offers comprehensive documentation of electronically available newspapers and journals. Just enter the title in quotation marks and supplement your search entry with the words "Elektronische Ressource."

Overview of the Retrodigitalization Project Server at the University of Cologne (Manfred Thaller)
A comprehensive list of links that aims to document the currently available digitalized sources in Germany in the field of historical-cultural studies. The list is offered by the Zentrum für Historisch-Kulturwissenschaftliche Informationsverarbeitung der Universität Köln.

Fliegende Blätter
The Fliegende Blätter is - like Kladderadatsch and Simplicissimus - a caricature journal. The University Library of Heidelberg will scan the following issue numbers: Nr 1-101 (1845-1894) & Nr. 141-163 (1914-1925)

Kladderadatsch (1848-1944) - digital
The Heidelberg University Library and the Landesarchivdirektion Baden-Württemberg have digitalized the liberal-conservative, satirical weekly magazine Kladderadatsch. This makes this commentary on history from the 19th to early 20th century available no matter where you are.

Simplicissimus (1896-1944)
Simplicissimus, which first appeared in 1896, had even more bite than Kladderadatsch and offered a bourgeois-democratic perspective of the empire and Weimarer Republik. Renowned authors such as Frank Wedekind, Hermann Hesse, Thomas and Heinrich Mann, and Arnold Zwei contributed to Simplicissimus. (Digitalization is currently being prepared.)

Freiburger Zeitung
The Freiburg University Library has taken the initiative to digitalize the Freiburger Zeitung from the years 1784 to 1943.

Times Digital Archive
As an internationally important newspaper, the Times can be viewed from any German (university) computer for the years 1785 to 1900. Furthermore, the BSB offers access to the following at Acta Sanctorum; Comintern Electronic Archives, Declassified Documents Reference System, Digital National Security Archive, Ealy American Imprints, Early English Books Online, Europa Sacra, Library of Latin Texts, Periodicals Contents Index, World Biographical Information System

German History in the Berliner Presse
The Zentrum für Berlin-Studien published this website in 2000. It contains not only around 500 annotated front pages from Berlin newspapers from the years 1847 to 1990, but also a millenium special about the turn of the century in Berlin. These front pages are listed by date with a brief annotation and can be viewed as digitalized images.

Provinzial-Correspondenz (PC) (1863-1884) and Neueste Mittheilungen (NM) (1882-1894)
The official Prussian press is being digitalized by the State Library of Berlin.

Der Spiegel
Since February 2008, Spiegel Online has offered direct access to all Spiegel articles from 1947 and later. There are also pieces from Spiegel Online, manager magazin, and the Spiegel-Länderlexikon.

Like Spiegel, DIE ZEIT offers access to all articles from 1946 to the present.

Deutsche Geschichte in der Berliner Presse
The Landesbibliothek Berlin offers the front pages of Berlin newspapers for certain events between 1847 and 1990. It makes it possible to compare newspaper pages next to each other.

5,900 works, annotations, letters to the editor, caricatures, reports, glosses, and interviews from 1966 to 1968, which paint a picture how the Axel Springer editors and other media of the Berlin "Tagesspiegel" reported on the movement of '68.

Austrian Newspapers Online
Many important Austrian newspapers are available in the Austrian Newspapers Online portal.

A joint project between the Federal Archive, Deutsche Wochenschau GmbH, DEFA-Stiftung and others. Thousands of newsreels are already available online. We highly recommend clicking on the collection of links, which contains numerous links to media houses, state video libraries, and archives.

The Pressedienst served as the daily mouthpiece for the SPD along with its position on all current matters in German politics. It encompasses the period from 1947 to 1995. Documents have been scanned and can be searched by keyword.

Presse Archive of Das Neue Deutschland
In 1946, Das Neue Deutschland (Berlin/East) began to systematically collect German-language press articles for journalists and scientists to use. At the time the Archive was only accessible internally and thus did not limit what it selected. At the same time the central press archive of the GDR grew until it was ceased in 1992. The holdings encompass around three million individual documents. 500,000 datasets can currently be accessed online.

Die Arbeiterzeitung - Central Organ of the Austrian Social Democrats, 1945-1989
Online access to the former SPÖ daily newspaper

Journal de Genève
The Journal de Genève was a liberal daily newspaper, which was published from January 6, 1826, to February 28, 1998, in Geneva.

This website enables systematic access to more than one million drawings and pictures. The following website offers a higher image resolution albeit less material up to the Baroque period:


Digital Textbook Library of the Georg Eckert Institute
More than 10,000 textbooks from the 17th century to 1945 will be made available electronically. The first project phase will include German textbooks from 1871 to 1918. There are similiar initiatives for the USA (, while France ( and Italy ( currently only document different editions of textbooks.