Bachelor's in History Education (Teacher Training)


*** Steckbrief zum Studiengang ***


    On this page you can find information and details about the Bachelor's in history education for teaching at Gymnasien and Gesamtschulen.

    The Bachelor's in history education for teaching at Gymnasien and Gesamtschulen began WS 2011/12, and the Master's equivalent WS 2014/15. These courses of study replace the previous course of study for history education at Gymanasien and Gesamtschulen ending with the 1st State Exam degree.

    Foreign Language Requirements

    The Latinum is required to enroll in the Master's course of study. Students must provide proof of Latin skills at the Latin II level before taking the Hauptseminar in the 4th semester. They can do so by presenting their Latinum or by taking an internal university exam. Sufficient documentation includes the Abitur certificate (or a notarized copy) and a copy of the last page of the Abitur certificate or the Latin II certificate and a copy of the Latin II certificate. This documentation must be submitted to Ms Treeck in the Ancient History office. You should provide this documentation as early as possible.

    You should make up missing Latin skills as quickly as possible. Detailed information about the Latin courses

    You can find the courses currently being offered in Campus.

    Certificate of Good Standing/Recognition of Academic and Exam Performance

    The Faculty of Arts and Humanities examination board is responsible for issuing certificates of good standing and recognizing academic and exam performance.

    Academic Advising

    Prof. Dr. Klaus Scherberich

    Degree Content:

    Degree Content (de)

    You can find an overview of the course of study's exams here.