Social Sciences, B.A.


*** Steckbrief zum Studiengang ***


    The technological and social dynamics at the beginning of the 21st century confront social decision makers as well as scientific observers with a hereto unknown complexity of aspects relevant to decisions. Whoever aims to adequately understand the globally networked society, increasingly needs broad, transdisciplinary skills, in order to understand the social, political, historical, and religious processes and structures. The interdisciplinarity of the Bachelor's in social sciences makes it possible to methodically analyze complex, social situations, e.g. the effects of the technological transition, global conflits, problems in the interaction of global cultures/ values and local environments and historical identities, in a well-founded manner. Relevant terms and relationships are studied using different social scientific dimensions, especially from the fields of political science, sociology, history, and theology.

    The course of study is coordinated by four departments:

    Students have the possibility to choose a focus, so that they can later continue their studies in a specialized one-subject Master's course of study.

    You can also get more detailed information from each department's advisor. Department of Social Science's website.

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