Latinum Exam


LATINUM (at the Cologne District Government)

Exams are held each spring and fall in Cologne.

Last Date to Register for the Exam (postmark)

Exam dates in February/March: January 15

Exam dates in August/September: July 15

Next Exam Date:

Written exam: February 2016

Oral exam: March 2016

Prerequisites: Certainty in the text recognition of necessary morphology and syntax, sufficient vocabulary; knowledge of Roman history, philosophy, and literature.

The exam consists of:

  1. A written exam:​​​​
    • Latin-German translation (at least 180 words)
    • Cicero
    • Work time: 3 hours
    • Aids: Latin-German dictionary (e.g. Stowasser or PONS)
  2. An oral exam:
    • ​​Latin-German translation (around 50 to 55 words)
    • Exam conversation: proof of textual understanding, sufficient knowledge of elementary grammar and basic knowledge of Roman history [ Klefeld, Heinrich (Hrsg.): Res Romanae]
    • Preparation time: 30 minutes
    • Exam duration: 20 minutes
    • Authors: Cicero, Sallust, Seneca, Plinius d. J.
    • You should have mastered the following::
      • ​Res Romanae (2008 edition):
        pp.: 7-45
        pp.: 88-96
        pp.: 108-115
        pp.: 120-138
      • Background knowledge of authors (Cicero, Sallust, Seneca, Plinius d. J.)
    • You must prepare at least the following topics for the exam discussion:
      • Roman history, especially the 1st century before and after Christ
      • Construction of the der res publica
      • Roman authors (with their works) of the 1st century before and after Christ, especially Cicero, Plinius, Seneca, and Sallust
      • Greek models of Roman authors
      • Principle elements of the most important schools of philosophy (Stocs, Epicurus, Academy)
      • Rhetorical and sytlistic tools

You can find additional information in the FAQs of the district government

Exam Registration:

Before registering, please read the information sheet about the additional exams for the Abitur certificate in Greek, Latin, and Hebrew

Each student must request the registration form for the Latinum exam from the district government via phone or in writing. Alternatively, the form can be downloaded here. Make sure you submit the form by the deadline.

The address is as follows:

Bezirksregierung Köln
Dezernat 43
​Zeughausstr. 2-10D - 50667 KölnTel. 0221/147-0