Intensive Course

The intensive Latin class is only held before the winter semester.


Here you can find the most important information about the Latin skills you need to be able to study at RWTH Aachen University.

The contact person for Latin questions is Professor Dr. phil. Klaus Freitag.

For all other questions about the Latin requirement, contact the Latin coordinator Anne-Marie Treeck.

Date of the Next Bridge Course:

Summer 2016


  • Enrolled students:via CampusOffice

  • New students: Students, who have not yet enrolled or do not yet have access to Campus, can contact Ms. Treeck. Please include your intended degree and subject combination:


The intensive language course is a Latin language class. It ends with a final exam. Upon successful completion participants are at the official required niveau for Latin skills (Latin I and Latin II), which is the language requirement for the Bachelor course of study in history at RWTH Aachen. If they have passed the exam in the winter semester, teacher training students can take Latin III to prepare for the Latinum exam in Cologne.

The intensive course lasts seven weeks.

Please note that the number of participants is limited and that all registered individuals may not be able to take the class.